GYM Concept Runs Clean and Keeps You Fit

Motorized transportation is one of the biggest enemies of the gym. Of course we need vehicles to get us there and back, but have we begun to rely on them too much? Short trips across town, distances we could very easily walk, are being taken care of by exercising only our right feet. This is exactly what the GYM Concept is hoping to end.

Da Feng, a design student from Coventry University, is the mastermind behind this concept and to say that it pushes the boundaries of alternative energy is an understatement. While it is a plug-in electric most of the time, if you should find yourself stuck in traffic or waiting at a red light you become the source of the energy.

Inside the one-seater carbon fiber body is basically a miniature health club. A bench press, simulated pull-up machine, stair-stepper, rowing machine and arm weights are all stuffed inside the cabin of the GYM and can provide power when you use them. So you are not only getting a work out, you are effectively charging you vehicles batteries.

While production seems like a long shot, it does provide some comfort that more people are beginning to think outside of the box. The only real downside would be, "I didn't have time" will no longer cut it for not going to the gym.


Dec 23, 2008
by Anonymous


because this won't cause accidents?/ it'll keep people in cars even longer...

Jan 9, 2009
by Anonymous

What about the spare clothes?

Yeah, that´s perfect!
Start the day with some push ups before entering the vehicle, take a shower in the recycled engine C02 watervapor, then do some abs to get to the coffeeshop.
- When you get to work you´ll show up sporty, enter your office and change clothes, put on your most expensive suit! Now go across town rowing!

When you get to the meeting, it better be a sweating competition!