The Gyro Bowl Stops The Spills


If you live with a toddler you probably also live with a lot of crumbs.  There are crumbs in the kitchen, crumbs in the TV room and crumbs in your car.  You want to encourage them to feed themselves so you fill snack bowls with dry cereal or small crackers, but pay for it later when you find remnants wedged under the sofa cushions.  As hard as they try, they just cannot seem to keep their snacks from dumping out all over the place.

The kid-proof Gyro Bowl is made to keep snacks neatly encapsulated until a little hand reaches in and takes some out.  The bowl actually consists of several rotating parts and an outer rim with handles.  The inner bowl is made to rotate 360 degrees and stay upright at all times, no matter the angle it is being carried at.  It is said to be durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble life of an active tot and can be safely run through the dishwasher.

It would also be a handy item for older children to carry small items that tend to spill all over such as beads or small building blocks. (Buy Gyro Bowl)

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Jan 24, 2011
by Anonymous

gyro bowls

my name is wm. thompson . i have ordered 2 gyro bowls and pd. for them with a debit card .i have yet to see them ..... i"ve called no avail ! I"ve left several e-mail messages to still nothing !!!!!! I want my bowls ! we had planned on buying several more of these cause we have 5 grandchildren under the age of 14 my address is : 201 hill st. bardstown,ky. 40004. my home # 502 331 0294 , our cell # 502 510 4380 . if we don"t hear from you this wk. one way or the other I am calling BETTER BUSINESS BURUEA..... THANK YOU WM. AND BETTY THOMPSON

Feb 13, 2011
by Anonymous

ve spent 12 weeks and

ve spent 12 weeks and nothing I am going to call you in the morning and if nothing I will spend 10,000 times the cost of the bowl to get you low life shit heads
Hubert Collins
1212 west 12th street
Littlefield Tx 79339

Feb 17, 2011
by Anonymous

6 weeks!!!

I ordered my bowls over 6 weeks ago and still no bowls i am pissed that i have not recieved my bowls i will be contacting the better business buruea if i do not recieve them soon! my email address is

Jan 28, 2012
by Anonymous

Stupid people on the internet

You guys who commented are so stupid. Do you really think this is the maker of gyro bowls? LOL! It is just a woman WRITING about these bowls. You guys are real stupid for putting your address and phone number on here. I hope you guys get pranked everyday and I hope someone puts your phone number all over the internet, so that you will have so many telemarketers calling because you guys are SO STUPID!

Do you guys want to put your debit card on here, also? lmao.. And the three digit security code while you are at it, so people can order themselves. rofl