Gyroscopic Golf Trainer Boosts Your Swing

What good is golf if you can't embarrass friends and co-workers on your way toward weekend after weekend of free drinks? Without that satisfaction, you're basically just paying way too much money to stand on a giant lawn in ugly pants and shoes. Unfortunately, not everyone swings like Tiger Woods--don't even think about straying off the green on that one--so winning can be an elusive goal.

The Gyroscopic Golf Trainer helps you get your swing on point so you can build a better game. The built-in gyroscope keeps the head lined up with the ball and encourages proper technique. The gyroscope resists any motion that would angle the club off-plane and trains you to swing correctly. And perhaps after a little black spray paint to the top, the unscrupulous golfer could even use this one in a live game. 

Be very wary of any quotation that comes out of a product description, but here's what "leading swing coach" Rick Smith had to say:  "It's the only product that lets golfers feel what it's like to have a technically correct swing." Thanks Rick.

It may not help every detail of your game, but getting a proper swing will certainly put you on the path toward victory. If not for you, there's undoubtedly a golfer on your holiday shopping list who's far better in his mind than on the course. Give the gift of a better game for around $200. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer

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