H & K Wine Caddy Sculptures: For That Personal Touch

Why are these Wine Caddy Sculptures by H & K so unique?

Both American and European artisans design the H & K Wine Caddy sculpture collection and their collaborative efforts have resulted in truly unique works of art. These innovative wine caddy desk and home sculptured accessories are welded from recycled steel and copper and individually handcrafted by cutting, bending and welding. Wine bottles are utilized to complete the wine caddy sculpture by providing the body and support for the head of the wine caddy sculpture. Each wine caddy sculpture from H&K comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as well.

Why do H & K Wine Caddy Sculptures make such ideal gifts?

H&K Wine Caddy Sculptures honor the world’s professions, sports and lifestyles in a unique and very expressive fashion. These wine caddy sculptures are often prominently and proudly displayed as an important component of either office or home décor by those who are honored enough to receive these wine caddies. These whimsical wine caddy sculptures from H & K quietly customize any office or home, adding warmth and humor to any living space.

Are H & K Wine Caddy Sculptures for you?

I guess that all depends.

What’s your pleasure and favorite pastime?

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Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous


they should make cool but cheap ones for soda bottles!

Jul 9, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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wine caddies

 What a good idea!

Very clever. 



Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff