Ha Uchiwa Leaf Fan From Japan Beats The Heat In Three Cool Shades

The Ha Uchiwa Leaf Fan from Japanese design house Koncent uses no power – well, maybe Flower Power – to keep you cool this summer. It's the nearest natural air conditioning solution to waving around a big ol' tropical plant leaf and it lasts MUCH longer.

Measuring 360mm long by 180mm wide (roughly 14.5 by 7.25 inches), the Ha Uchiwa was created by Koncent's in-house designer Toshihiro Aya to remind users of warm summer days when refreshing breezes filter sunshine through the foliage of overhanging tree branches.

The Ha Uchiwa allows you to recreate those summery good feelings even when there's no breeze blowing... just create your own!

The Ha Uchiwa comes in a choice of three botanically inspired shades: forest green, spring green, and sunshine yellow. The leafy fan features molded-in ribs to give it strength and a handy hole at the base of the handle for convenient storage. Priced at 864 yen (about $9.00) each, the Ha Uchiwa Leaf Fan can be purchased online direct from Koncent's product page.