The Hair Pillow: Save Your Hair As You Sleep

It's time to save your hair with Lifestyle Pillows' Hair Pillow.

Introducing the Hair PillowIntroducing the Hair Pillow

I'm not an early bird to begin with, and I've found mornings to be more excrutiating when I wake up with a nest of hair. Sleep tends ruff up hair. Conventional pillows cause frizz and damage during the night. What can be done for women who want to save their blowouts or curls? Well, Lifestyle Pillows created the Hair Pillow, which will be saving your beautiful hair one night at a time. 

Regular pillows compress hair and create friction throughout the night as you toss and turn. Compression makes creases, and friction causes frizz. Yuck. The Hair Pillow supports your neck and head and lets you move your hair away from your head. It's great for any hair type or length. It's a bit pricey at sixty-five dollars, and that's without the pillow case. Lifestyle Pillows makes satin pillow cases for the Hair Pillow. If you're buying a pillowcase, make sure it's satin. The fabric reduces flyaways and breakage. 

After reading all about the Hair Pillow, I've realized it's for fabulous people. At the 2014 Grammys, the Hair Pillow was given out to celebrities. Apparently, when using the Hair Pillow, one should also be glammed out in make-up and false eyelashes. This pillow is for the beautiful people, and I want to be in that club. Ok, so their marketing is a little funky, but I still think the Hair Pillow is a good idea. 

Using the Hair PillowUsing the Hair Pillow

If you're interested in saving your hair while you sleep, you can purchase a Hair Pillow here.You can also visit Lifestyle Pillows blog to learn more.