Hair Tattoos For The Terminally Trendy

 Scunci Hair Tattoos & Body Art: Scunci image via FacebookScunci Hair Tattoos & Body Art: Scunci image via Facebook


Tattoos aren’t something to go into lightly. They are, after all, permanent. Sure, you can have them lasered off now if you regret that wretched strand of barbwire encircling your upper arm å la Pamela Anderson circa 1995 (that even she realized was an epic fail) or a tribal piece you got after seeing George Clooney in From Dusk Till Dawn. The problem with that is it costs far more to get them removed and at about 3x the amount of pain as when it was originally applied, and you can’t always remove them in their entirety.

Hair Tattoos

The thing with a lot of tattoos is they date you, and the two references above are perfect examples. Now, there are temporary hair tattoos for the terminally trendy that don’t want to commit long term to anything should the fashion pendulum swing too far in the opposite direction. Of course, they’d have to be temporary because your hair grows and eventually you’d probably get it cut. But these are like henna tattoos in the sense that they wear off, but for your hair.

Trendoids & Fashion Victims

So, who’s behind this trend? We’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. Yes, it’s a Kartrashian, in this case Kylie Jenner. The wannabe fashion model has been spotted wearing the hair and body art by Scünci, makers of those crumpled little rags women used to pull their hair back in in the ‘90s. There was even a hilarious Seinfeld episode involving the Julia Louis-Dreyfus character Elaine Benes regarding the fashion fail. Scunci is also known for a variety of other hair accessories besides these two particular items.

Scunci Hair Products

Scünci is calling their Hair & Body Art product the “new party essential” presumably for the holidays. They can be worn on your skin or in your hair, and they are obviously temporary. Scünci's website says they’re “Applied like a normal tattoo, they go on as easily as they come off,” but that has to be a misprint. There is no way they go on like a normal tattoo. Since they are applied with water, they must have meant applied like a normal temporary tattoo. Regardless, they come in copper and silver and essentially look like a headband more than anything else.

Hair Accessories

It would seem that a headband or hairband, if you prefer to call it, would actually be a lot easier and quicker than applying these patterns to your head. But if Kylie’s wearing them there’s no doubt they’ll be a hot ticket item over the holidays. You probably won’t be able to go to a party where the crowd’s under 35 and not see someone wearing them. Currently available at Target and Ulta, at under $5 they should be flying off the shelves. Worn on the skin they look like shimmery henna tattoos that are actually kind of cute, for a one-time thing, but try not to make a habit of it.