Hair Armor: Drastic Hair Designs Sustain Spring Weather

Hair and spring just don't tend to be two things that go well together; with wind and rain, even the best coiffed hair is sure to contend with frizziness or flyaways. That hasn't stopped a group of international hair artists from coming up with some absolutely out of this world styles.

Hair Head DressHair Head Dress

CuldeSac and Studio Marisol have created hair designs that will be displayed at the Centre International de Recherche er d'Education Culturelle et Agricole. Despite the spring weather, these hair designs pretty well provide complete armored protection from a lengthy process of blow drying, teasing, braiding and lots of hairspray.

Chic and Crazy Hair DesignsChic and Crazy Hair Designs

Who needs hair accessories or a crown when hair can replicate the same effect? Plus, with hair like this, you might not even need an umbrella!

Via: Not Couture