Hair Doctor Hat Puts A Hot Tub On Your Head

Now hair this! An easy to use, specialized bath cap that fills itself with hot water while you bathe or shower promises to melt away dirt, oils and shampoo residue from your scalp, leading to less hair loss and healthier hair.

The Hot Cap from Hair Doctor offers hope to those who suffer from non-hereditary hair loss caused by blocked scalp pores. By facilitating the application of gentle heat to one's scalp, this ingenious cap can help clear pores and hair follicles of accumulated dirt, sebum, dead skin cells and residue from the use of shampoos and conditioners.

Using the cap is as easy as taking a shower or bath - just put on the one-size-fits all cap which features a spring elastic rim. Falling warm water from above fills the cap and the user can simply relax in the bath for the few minutes it takes for the water's heat to sink into the scalp. It's like having a hot tub on your head!

According to Hair Doctor's website copy, the hat features a layer of "natural negative ion ceramic tourmaline" that draws out toxins and impurities from the scalp.

The combination of the negative ion ceramic layer and infrared radiation from warm water serves to promote blood circulation and rejuvenate the hair follicles, leading to a healthier scalp and accordingly, less hair loss over time.

Hair Doctor recommends the Hot Cap be used in conjunction with sebum-removing shampoos and the judicious use of head massage to help amplify the cap's beneficial effects. The Hot Cap can be bought online at the Hair Doctor website for 9,240 yen or about $108.50 - a significant investment but well worth it for those who find it to be effective. As always, "your mileage may vary". (info & images via HairDoctor Co., Ltd.)