The Hairforce: Award Winning Head Lice Assassins!

You've heard of exterminators, you've heard of assassins; well, 2008's British Female Inventor and Innovator of the Year award winner is a little bit of both, combating one of the worst enemies out there in this "better them than me" business.

Yes, the Hairforce is a business based on killing, and they are assassins of sorts since they specialize in those disgusting critters that dwell in hair; lice, nits and whatever else latches on to its unsuspecting victims. With their emergency response unit, Hairforce can send out an assassin to take out the would-be parasites. For 25 GBP for a half an hour hair check or 40 GBP for a full-fledged hair lice assassination mission, the Hairforce will get in there with all of the tools of the trade so your child can return to school without fear of infecting their classmates.

It's a dirty job, but...better them than me!

Jun 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Safe Company?

Is this a medical office? Are they medically certified to treat patients?