7 Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Geeks

It's that time of year when everything turns orange and maniacs with sharp knives lurk in dark corners looking for innocent bystanders to do away with. Halloween brings out the creepy edginess in all of us  as demonstrated by the creative manifestations below inspired by geeky minds and checky impulses. These Halloween costumes stand apart from conventional Tinkerbelle and Superman outfits as they reflect the world of geeks and those who may live on the edge and wish to get closer to the inner circle of...God knows what.

The Eternal Pumpkin

There is no symbol more closely associated with All Hallow's Eve than the pumpkin. The fascinating history of this ubiquitous gourd and its infusion into American culture and the Halloween tradition has been transformed below for the sake of those celebrating their right to the pursuit of geekiness. Try to smile at this pumpkin's not so traditional message.


Geeky PumpkinGeeky Pumpkin


Cloud Computing

For those who may not know, this computing process uses the word cloud as a metaphor for 'the Internet" and involves a network of remote servers whcih store, manage and process data in place of a local server or a personal computer. For this resourceful and edgy couple depicted below, their costume took on a more ethereal demeanor with sincere hopes that rain would not be in the forecast for the night of their costume party.


Cloud CoupleCloud Couple


Lego Bride and Groom

On the Lego production line located in Billund, Denmark, which also houses the Lego Museum, two million mini Lego heads are made every hour. Lego has become the most popular toy in history since its inception in 1949 and every second, seven new boxes of Lego are sold. It is also said that for every person in the world, there are 62 Lego pieces and so many Lego folk that they outnumber real people. Below, a bride and groom pay homage to this uiquitous toy.


Lego bride and GroomLego bride and Groom


The Incredible Bra

The national rate of inflation has nothing on this bra costume that is not just for geeks but also for tongue-in-cheekers. this innovative Halloween costume is certainly worth a few laughs. It gets a "A" for creativity and a "triple MMM" for size.


A True Living BraA True Living Bra


The Costume Not Found

This tee-shirt is a shabby excuse for no costume at all. This play on "404 Not Found," the standard HTTP response code indicating the server could not locate the requested web page, is as transparent as Saran Wrap. Still, this little boy and/or his parents are very clever. All they need now is some place on his person for the keyboard and mouse.


Geeky TeeshirtGeeky Teeshirt


The iPug iPhone

Dogs can be geeks too at times especially when they see their owners preparing for costume parties. Now Apple can boast a new type of user for its line of popular smart phones. This cool Pug can hold his own in his doggie Halloween costume as he sets out for an iPhone night on the town!


The iPug Doggie CostumeThe iPug Doggie Costume


Angry Birds

Rovio, a nearly bankrupt Finnish company, created this video game, which introduced the touch screen when it was released by Apple back in December of 2009. The game involves a group of enraged birds attacking green pigs for reasons known only to them. In keeping with this theme, the two young men  below  depict the message of these naughty avians.


Angry BirdsAngry Birds


Rubik's Cube

This popular, 3-D combination puzzle was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Erno  Rubik. Originally called the Magic Cube, more than 50 million have been sold world wide. This cube has now seeped into the magic of Halloween, as the little girl below illustrates.


Little Girl RubikLittle Girl Rubik


All of the above promise fun under the autumn sun and may make you the only one on your block to don one of these outfits.  But even if you aren't, it's the show that counts and the effort to think outside that conventional creepy costume box. Be different this year. Leave Dracula and Napoleon in the closet and bring out colorful fanciful figures from the worlds of technology, anime and cosplay. The sky's the limit provided that you dare to look up.

Happy Halloween.

Clsoign thoughts on Halloween costumes: 

On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me. ~ Rodney Dangerfield

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