Halloween Inspired By Our Scary Financial Woes!

This year in addition to influences from the movie industry's horror flicks, the financial decline in the US appears to be just as scary, if not more horrifying than "Paranormal Activity" and "Saw 2,3,4,5,etc." Let's take a look at how our current financial crisis might be affecting "All Hallows Eve" this year!

Wall Street Trick & Treating can get pretty tricky this year. The treats kids use to depend on might not be the same in '09. Here's an example of how kids may be disappointed on October 31 as a result of our scary economy.

One of the scariest monsters to enter the financial scene this past year was the King of All Ponzi schemes, Mr. Bernie Madoff. And according to the Rubie's Costume Company has sold over 15,000  of his masks. However when searching their Web site, I couldn't find the product listed (what a frightening waste of great publicity). Best to check out the mask here.

Bernie Madoff maskBernie Madoff mask

One of my favorite editorial cartoonists is John Sherffius who is the staff cartoonist for the Boulder Daily Camera. His simplistic graphic displays always tell more with less, and he hits the mark each and every time. Here he takes a pot shot at Wall Street's greed this past year in obtaining federal funds from the U.S. government only to share the wealth in bonuses with their partners in crime. Enough to scare anyone senseless, this Halloween season!

by John Sherffiusby John Sherffius

If you're looking for events to attend close to the scariest financial center in the world, Crystal Field, the artistic director of Theater for the New City, has been holding an annual Halloween party in the East Village in Manhattan since the mid-1970s, and she always rounds up an eclectic mix of performers to help celebrate at the costume ball.

At midnight attendees can parade past a panel of judges in the Monsters and Miracles Costume Parade. Prizes will go to winners in categories including the “Most Economically Recovered” and “Most Unchanged Conservative.”

Also in NYC, you might want to catch the filming of Oliver Stone's new movie. Yes, the famed director is moving forward with the "Greed is Good" sequel, titled "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps," and in addition to Wall Street itself, their shooting will take place in an Upper East Side townhouse, in addition to Central Park and the Battery. With Bernie Madoff is an obvious prototype to weave into the plot line, Michael Douglas who will be reprising his Gordon Gekko role said "in '87, when I made the original, we interviewed Mike Milken," for his character's role model. Well, what goes around, comes around. And since there is never a shortage of Wall Street criminals, perhaps this prisoner costume will fit the bill this Halloween

Greed is Good Prisoner CostumeGreed is Good Prisoner Costume

The frightful economy is scaring a lot of us into a thriftier, more homemade Halloween. In addition to Wall Street, Social Media costumes are easy to assemble and are a little more uplifting than dwelling on our financial woes (See the "Top Ten Social Medial Halloween Costumes"). Additionally, children's costumes can be homemade as well - see some examples in the "Top Ten Baby Halloween Costumes" for infants and toddlers

According to the National Retail Federation, nearly one-third of consumers say the economy is affecting their Halloween spending which is expected to drop from $5.77 billion in 2008 to $4.75 billion this year.

“The economy has caught up to Halloween this year,” said Tracy Mullin, President and CEO, National Retail Federation. “Since retailers know that Americans will be looking to celebrate on a budget, there’s no doubt we will see creative costume and decorating ideas in every price point imaginable.”

However, when you think of it, why are we spending one 'red nickel' on Halloween this year when some of us can't pay our mortgages or worse, put food on our tables? Just think about what good that money could do if amortized over the course of the whole year and applied towards the things we really need... versus blowing it all on one Hallowed Eve in October. I guess as bad as the economy gets, there's still some traditional experiences people will not go with out... and scaring ourselves half-to-death still seems to be one of them! (gee, I thought the economy already accomplished that!) Happy Trick and Treatin'!