Hallucinogenic Sunglasses Render A Sober LSD-Style Kaleidoscope

The mood rings and psychedelic drug enhancers of the 1960s may well be passé, but their suggestive influence has never really left our escapist memories of altered reality. One Hungarian designer has come up with a safe way to hallucinate without endangering your health, your life or your ability to remain on planet Earth. Bence Agoston's special Mood Sunglases are made with 3-D printed frames and come with six interchangeable lenses, each imprinted with Moiré patterns that filter blue, green and red light. These lenses can be rotated and layered, which alters every viewing experience making it unique.


Mood Sunglasses: Source: NeatoramaMood Sunglasses: Source: Neatorama


Behance and  Bence Agoston

Behance is a dynamic, design-centric technology team based in New York City. Since 2006, this unique business unit has been the leading online platform for the showcasing of creative works on a global scale. Creating revolutionary products that connect and empower the indiviudal is the company's focus and the Mood Sunglasses created by Bence Agoston represent the perfect message for their unique brand. According to Agoston,  these glasses can "assign optional vision to the feeling of psychedelic music."

Many composers and authors, notably Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote his tales of alliterative terror while under the influence of opium, have done their best work while lost in the stupor of drugs and alcohol. While readers cannot take advantage of these sunglasses, listeners of music can, as they provide them with an optimum visual experience while listening to their favorite music.


Mood Sunglasses: Source: BehanceMood Sunglasses: Source: Behance


How do these special sunglasses  work?

In Agoston's own words:"Because each color filters the incoming lights differently, and the patterns can overlap each other or leave blank  fields, the new view is completely random and twisted. Mood sunglasses can also be used with clear lenses for every day living...The ideal situation for use is during travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and watching the ever-changing sights, in perfect harmony with the music."

The simple, distinct shape of the Mood Sunglasses belie their ability to transport the wearer on a magic carpet ride without chemicals to the lurid realms of altered reality. But the frames don't tell the real hallucinogenic, electric Kool-Aid-colored story; the lenses do. Each lens filters color or a blank field differently, altering landscapes and scenarios to endlessly entertain even the most hard to please psychedelics among us.


Lenses for Mood Sunglasses: Source: 3-DersLenses for Mood Sunglasses: Source: 3-Ders


The future of Mood Sunglasses

It's difficult to predict the success of the Mood Sunglasses as they are a novelty item even though they are extremely clever and very interesting both in concept and design. Much of their success will depend upon the public who might treat these glasses as either a fad or a must-have accessory that will withstand the passage of time. There may be those who become intoxicated with the altered reality these glasse can create, causing a new and different kind of addiction, albeit not a harmful one.

Even if you love these sunglasses, you can't trip all day long and will eventually have to get a life.
Until then, however, have fun!

Closing thoughts on sunglasses:

With my singlasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60. ~ Jack Nicholson