Halo Bike Lock Sends You A Text When Someone Is Stealing Your Bike

Bike locks are typically one-dimensional devices that protect your bicycle from theft to a certain degree of efficacy. The Halo bike lock adds a whole new dimension to bike safety by integrating an Eye-Fi card designed to let you know if the lock is tampered with. So if a bike thief is jimmying your lock, you can get outside and kick the $#@! out of him before he rides away with your bike. Or, get on the horn with your insurance agent and process that claim immediately, if you're a non-confrontational type of individual.


The texting function can be either really good or really bad depending on the situation you're in. If you're grabbing a sandwich at the deli, you can get outside and foil the crime in no time. Really good. On the other hand, if you rode your bike into work and are out on the road visiting a satellite office with co-workers, there won't be a whole helluva lot you can do. In this case, you may just be better off not knowing your bike is getting stolen because now you have to spend the whole day worrying helplessly about it. Really bad. 

The Halo is just a concept for now. However, the fact that we have a scale that can tweet your weight while a bike lock that can tell you when your bike is being stolen remains a pipe dream indicates to me that we should have one of these within the near future. Hopefully. And hopefully it comes with a better lock than the tiny little cable lock pictured on the concept--even if you're in the deli scenario, the thief could snip that thing and be three blocks away by the time you react. How about working on a strong lock first and adding the texting communication after. 

Via Coolest Gadgets