Hammacher Basketball Hoop Rolls From Pavement Court To Poolside In A Jiff

I was surprised to see this Pool to Pavement Basketball Hoop in Hammacher Schlemmer's "New Arrivals" section. Ordinarily that section is reserved for odd-ball gear that you'd never have concocted in your strangest sports dreams, but this looks like something that's been done by 20 different companies. Surprisingly, on a quick Web search, I didn't find any other product that provides exactly the same function of this one.

Providing a more serious basketball experience than many of the cheap, plastic pool hoops out there, the Pool to Pavement is an adjustable hoop that can be used at a height of 3 1/2 feet to 4 1/2 feet over top the pool. It can then be rolled into a driveway or on top of a piece of concrete and used as a traditional net with the rim adjusting from heights between six and seven feet.

It features sturdy steel construction and a polycarbonate backboard. The only thing setting this one apart from other  quality basketball hoops is the 7.5-inch mini-basketball that it comes with. 

Just in time for summer pool season, the Pool to Pavement hoop can be purchased for $200 over at Hammacher. (See Hoop.)

Via Coolest Gadgets 

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