Hamster Bags Stop Stroller Tip-Over


Parents who are expecting their first child often rush out and buy many of the large ticket items that they assume they will need.  The crib, high chair, change table and stroller are usually high on the list.  As far as the stroller is concerned, many people feel that they need one with all the bells and whistles to keep their baby comfortable and entertained on family outings.  They soon realize that those full sized buggies are often bulky and awkward to take along in many situations, so they turn to lightweight umbrella strollers to save space and their aching muscles.



Umbrella strollers are so convenient.  They are light, easily packed or even carried along and quickly unfold for use.  The only major problem is that when you hang your diaper bag, purse or shopping bags on the handles (as so many parents do) the extra weight causes the buggy to topple backwards anytime the child is removed from the front.  Enter the Hamster Bag; these unique bags are meant to attach to the sides of umbrella strollers to keep the weight evenly distributed and help prevent tip over.  

They are made of lightweight but strong material and take up very little space, though they are said to hold the contents of one full shopping bag each.  They hang far enough back that they are out of the way of the child, but are also so far off to the sides that they do not knock into the knees of the stroller pusher.  Since they are sold in pairs they would be perfect for storing diaper bag essentials in one side and shopping purchases or extra jackets, hats, sunglasses, etc. in the other.  They also have quite a stylish, sporty look to them and come in a couple of color choices.   

 Source: PhilippeLara.co.uk

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Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

Hamster Bags

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