Hamster Jeans Illustrate the Art of Wearing Expensive Pants

Is that a hamster on your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Both, of course, because Hamster Jeans from Japan's Ito Manufacturing feature not one, but two of the cuddly critters painted over the back pockets.

The artwork is simple yet effective, strictly 2D but with a shout out to classic Japanese anime cartoons. Painted in orange and white over deep indigo blue denim, the hamsters provide exceptional contrast that'll get you noticed – even on Tokyo's crowded streets.

Though the twin hamsters positioned diagonally on the back pockets are the most noticeable feature of these jeans, a closer look reveals a wealth of custom touches. Take the electric blue stitching, for instance, and the metal rivets embossed with teddy bears.

Want more? The donut button above the zipper fly displays a pretty floral wreath and the belt loop at the back is offset to avoid being fastened to a seam. The jeans are made from 100% cotton, 14 oz denim material and are made in Chi... nope, Zimbabwe!

Ito manufacturing puts a lot into their products and they're more than proud to show it. The inside label shows off the company's stylized Mount Fuji logo and the embossed leather patch features a writing snake – hamsters beware!

The jeans come in just three sizes, each having the identical 82cm (32.5”) inseam. Choose from S (23”), M (25”) or L (27”)... that's right, a 27” waist is considered large in Japan! Ito manufacturing's priced their Hamster Jeans at 13,800 yen (about $173.50) per pair... art don't come cheap, folks!