Hanaga Tap Nose Electrical Outlet Cover Is Worth Picking

The Hanaga Tap from Japanese design studio ekoD Works redirects power cords downward to save space while adding a honking big dose of fun to your home or office decor scheme.

Why make do with boring old pig-nose electrical outlets when there's now a more human option? The Hanaga Tap “runs” with invisible electric current and won't offend  your sensibilities with grotty protruding nose hairs... unless, of course, you're the imaginative type who'll see a black extension cord as a single, long, thick nose hair. Heh, even if you're not very imaginative you'll see it now after reading this!

But we digress... the Hanaga Tap is available in your choice of black, white or pink (the latter for extra realism) and is manufactured to comply with Japanese electrical specs. It'll still work with North American three-prong, GFCI wall outlets but can only accept two-prong, non-NEMA power and extension cords.

As the Hanaga Tap measures 50 x 68 x 32mm (2 x 2.7 x 1.3"), installing one on an empty twin wall outlet prevents said outlet from accepting a second plus, regardless of whether the Hanaga Tap is plugged into the upper or lower outlet. Thus, it's sort of anti-power bar and as such offers reduced practicality to rooms housing an abundance of electrically powered devices.

On the other hand, since the Hanaga Tap redirects a power cord downward instead of perpendicular to the wall, it works well when installed behind wall-hugging furniture. Don't do that, though... the Hanaga Tap is a cool designer device that demands to be seen!

Order yours online from Japan Trend Shop where they're priced at $35 each and give your play- and/or workplace some designer scents-sibility!