A Handheld Gym And Trainer: The Tao WellShell


More... more... more.  Hold... hold.... The words, somewhat garbled, are those of your computerized trainer in the newest invention for those who currently waste too much time social networking. Now, while you're waiting in grocery lines, traffic, or even watching TV, you can be flexing various muscle groups and having your strength measured and pushed to the rythms of more... more... more... hold... hold...instead of tweeting, googling, or facing the book. The Tao WellShell is here.  Well, almost....


Tao WellShell Personal Trainer & Exercise Device: image via taowellshell.comTao WellShell Personal Trainer & Exercise Device: image via taowellshell.com


The WellShell made its formal debut today at the 2014 Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  I wish I was there because I'd love to try this gadget, one that promises to "improve muscle strength. tone, and circulation," measure and record your progress, and even keep track of other fitness data like aerobic exercise, nutrition information, and sleep... while you never even have to look at a dumbbell. This is my idea of exercise nirvana.

The app-enabled exercise device operates by pressing the WellShell with your palms, knees or thighs, but many different muscles may be involved in performing each of the 50 exercises included in the training app.  For example, one exercise may involve your torso, abdominals, and chest muscles; another, may involve arms, shoulders, and chest.  So, what is measured is the pressure of a group of muscles, even though the Well-Shell is only in contact with your hands or your knees.

Here's a short demonstration of the device presented by one of the device's co-inventors:



The science of isometrics is ancient and is practiced widely today by countless athletes and exercise enthusiasts.  Various isometric exercises are freely available all over the web; there are hundreds of books and videos on isometric exercising.  But the Tao WellShell has the benefit of being more motivating than any of the other methods of training and coaching, providing immediate and personal feedback, tracking your progress, in addition to recording other health-related data, so that it might just fit the exercise needs of most of us - those with good intentions, but little time, those who need to start somewhere, but not in a gym, or those who would like to do more strenuous aerobic exercise or weight training, but are physically unable.... 

WellSchell is aiming high and I hope the final pricing is affordable, but here's a broad look at the scope of the device. (There's nothing wrong with your volume control; there is no sound in this video.)


The Tao (pronounced with a 'T,' by the way) WellShell may just prove to be a real fire under our glutes that inspires us to contract them even if we don't get off the couch!


find out more at Tao Wellness.com.