Hands-Free Wash, Exfoliate, & Massage Your Feet With The FootMate® Shower System


If you know someone with a bad back, sore feet, a very small shower stall, or who just likes to be pampered (I think that includes just about everybody, doesn't it?), the FootMate® Shower System is a perfect gift, and one which will probably be a delightful surprise to your giftee.


FootMate Shower SystemFootMate Shower System

What's great about the FootMate Shower System?

1.  You don't have to bend in half to scrub your feet.

2.  You don't have to lift your foot half way up your other leg to reach it.

3.  You can maintain your balance by holding onto a shower bar or leaning on a wall while indulging one of your feet on a non-skid shower pad that:

  • Cleans your feet with FootMate Rejuvenating Gel applied to soft-textured bristles (in the center of FootMate shower pad),
  • Exfoliates your heels and callouses with stiff-textured bristles that
  • Also provide an excellent, stimulating massage.

FootMate Shower SystemFootMate Shower System


A nearly universal gift, the FootMate Shower System, can be used by most people, regardless of age, gender, or mobility issues. And if their feet are ticklish, well the FootMate Shower System is a perfect way to desensitize them in the privacy of their showers!


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