Hands On Boob Lingerie: Wacky Hand Bra To Embrace Your Boobs!

Want to feel hands cupping your breasts everywhere you go? Since having your spouse or partner cup your boobs in lieu of a bra in public would neither be convenient nor appropriate, the Hand Bra has been introduced.

The Hand Bra isn't a new idea in concept, since "hand bra" is the term used for women cupping their boobs for modesty during topless photo shoots or modeling events. While it's all fine and well to have your breasts in your own hands or someone else's short term for the sake of media, it would sure make daily functioning difficult if you want to get that scandalous, peek-a-boo affect with your boobs on a regular basis. Unless you have a personal boob holder trailing behind you, or additional limbs that you can sacrifice to breast cupping; wearing a hand bra for boob support just hasn't been realistic until now.

While many pictures are available of the Hand Bra online, I can only find one version for sale so your boobs can travel throughout life in style and comfort. CostumeShopper.com carries a silly version of the Hand Bra, which is inflatable and designed to cup your boobs as a gag costume. Their Hand Bra is clearly designed to be a scandalous costume for themed parties, so you can appear topless with your boobs actually covered. When wearing their Hand Bra, be prepared to bare your body for all to see, because while your boobs might be stylishly adorned, it would be a tight squeeze to fit your breasts and hand bra under your clothing.

DailyHaha.com also shows a different version of the Hand Bra found at a local store, that allows women to have their boobs groped discretely just about everywhere. This Hand Bra has imprints on the inside of the bra cups that look like hands ready to cup any boob that should fall into their grasp. This is a more modest option of the Hand Bra for women who want their boobs in the warm embrace of a pair of hands.

The Hand Bra is a unique piece of lingerie that ensures your boobs are always in a comfortable, warm embrace that is hands on! How's that for wacky fashion?

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Feb 17, 2009
by M Dee Dubroff
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