Hands-Free Video Camera

This gadget is for all of the adrenaline junkies out there that love to push the limits with action sports. Take it while your snowboarding, mountain biking, skiing, wakeboarding, etc. Well, maybe not wakeboarding.


Hands Free Video CameraHands Free Video Camera


Capture yourself flying high or going really fast so that you show off how cool you are too all your friends that don’t do what you do. The camera is small, light weight, and shock resistant, and waterproof. Oh, well I guess you can take it wakeboarding after all.

You can take this great piece of equipment and strap it to your helmet, ski poles, life vest, and even your scuba gear! You can practically strap this camera in wherever you want. One downfall to this camera is it’s memory size. We’re looking at just over 1,100 pictures and 11 minutes of video, but unfortunately not at the same time. Then again you can get a bigger memory card, of course for more money, to save up to 3 ½ hours of memory. After you do the recording you can send it over to your computer through a USB or you can watch it on the 1 ½ in LCD screen that’s comes on the camera itself.


Hands Free Video CameraHands Free Video Camera

The price for the Action Sports Hands Free Video Camera with the basic memory is $199.95. Not bad if you ask me. Check it out and maybe buy yourself one at  Hammacher Schlemmer