Handy Bikes Is Bringing Mobile Bike Repair To DC

Handy Bikes DC Repair TruckHandy Bikes DC Repair Truck

Handy Bikes DC has only been around for about two years, however in that time, they have become DC's highest rated bicycle repair shop. Now, they are taking their business to the streets. Among the many food trucks in DC, residents may soon see a "mobile repair unit," able to service cyclists who need emergency repairs.

Last year, founder, Peter Buck, outfitted a small trailer with bicycle repair tools and has been using it, towed behind his truck, as a "mobile repair unit." However, this "mobile repair unit" has proven to be less mobile than was the intent. Buck finds it difficult to maneuver this unit through DC traffic, and parking is a nightmare with the truck and trailer's dimensions. 

Current Handy Bikes Repair TruckCurrent Handy Bikes Repair Truck

The next phase in Handy Bikes' plan to bring bicycle repair to the DC streets is a more compact "mobile repair unit." More specifically, Buck hopes to convert a small step-van or delivery truck into a mini, moblie repair shop. 

The new and improved "mobile repair unit" would yield about 14 feet of working space in a vehicle that's a lot more compact and maneuverable than his truck and trailer. With this new unit, DC cyclists could have a repairman on call. Blow a tire, just call the Handy Bikes "mobile repair unit," and a Handy Bikes repairman will come to you.

Handy Bikes Food Truck OptionHandy Bikes Food Truck Option

Buck plans on taking this new "mobile repair unit" a step further and outfitting it with solar panels. With solar technology, the Handy Bikes compressor and ultrasonic cleaner can run on board the "mobile repair unit" without polluting the air. 

Inside The Repair TruckInside The Repair Truck

Handy Bikes hasn't yet been able to get this project up and running. As of now, they're still using the truck and trailer for their mobile repairs. However, they're about 75% funded on Kickstarter and hope to soon have a service truck in action soon. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign or website for more information on this project and their business in general.