Handy CD Storage Doubles as Wall Art

Navigating the studio.lo website wasn't exactly the easiest, since I don't speak French and there wasn't a drop of English to be found. But pictures convey plenty, and from what I could gather from some cryptic babelfish translation, studio.lo is all around pretty nifty.

cd storage disguised as artcd storage disguised as art

What initially grabbed my eye was the wild wall graphic of a lone fawn hanging out in its natural habitat which, upon closer examination, is really a series of high-quality paper CD cases arranged to create this tranquil forest scene. If you look closely you can pick out the single open case with a blue disc peeping out. Dang inventive, methinks. Apparently, inasmuch as I could gather, these paper graphic cases are downloadable from the site itself, and there is also the option of downloading the software to create your own wall art. But don't take my word for it, because like I said, je ne parle pas français. I suggest checking it out first-hand instead.

origami slipper podsorigami slipper pods

In addition to this funky CD business, it appears they are dabbling in several other crafty projects. For example, I really dig their DIY, foldable "slipper pods." They're constructed from felt and have a sweet, screen-printed, Asian-inspired motif going on.

"chaise blanche""chaise blanche"

Along with all of the above, they've also devised a chair that you can assemble from a single piece of flat-packed, light birch wood of some kind.

So, I suppose if you speak French you're in the know as far as this site goes, and you'll be able to amass some added depth to the visual content alone. My guess is that the concept behind the designs is just as cool as the work itself, but the mysterious translation just kept mentioning things like "cutting jets of water" and "objects with strong constraints," which is way over my little head, even in English. If anyone feels like breaking it down, I'd be much obliged!

Found at studio.lo via yatzer

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