Handy Portable Bidet Helps You Stay Fresh While On The Go

The Handy Portable Bidet De Toilette model DL-P200 from Panasonic Japan cuts personal hygiene for women and infants down to size. Available in six fashionable colors (three of them pink), the DL-P200 is like a tiny high-tech Japanese toilet you can hold in your hand or hide in your purse.

Almost anyone who's used a Japanese toilet equipped with the soothing though sometimes shocking (to the uninitiated) washlet feature would never choose to “go” anywhere else ever again. A tiny, targeted, warm-water shower for one's nether regions... no one's gonna turn that down.

Since users won't turn washlets down, Panasonic decided to shrink them down – to a mere 15cm (about 6”) in length, not including the retractable, flexible, water spray arm. The device is ideal for places and situations that don't provide washlets or toilets, such as camping and travel. Parents traveling with infants will also appreciate the Handy Portable Bidet De Toilette when changing diapers away from home.

Powered by two AA alkaline batteries, the DL-P200 portable bidet features a 220ml (about 7.45 fluid ounce) integral water tank and weighs 250gm (8.82 oz or about half a pound) empty.

Choose from Vivid Pink, Pink, Pink Gold, Violet, Black, or White and look for them on store shelves, online or via Rinkya Stores after the October 22nd, 2012 official release date.

UPDATE: The U.S. has nothing so attractive in portable bidets. Examples of available portable bidets seems functional but are not designed to be visually appealing.

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Sep 17, 2012
by Anonymous

Only the Japanese...

Only the Japanese could come up with something like this! Not sure how it works but a tiny high-tech portable toilet that fits in your handbag. Awesome.