Hang Out In The Trees With Roomoon Hanging Tent


Hanging tents are fast becoming the new 'it' product for glampers--those who like to camp in style (glamping = glamourous camping). Roomoon is one of those hanging tents, and it promises an experience akin to "soaring through the tree canopies" in a balloon. 

View From RoomoonView From Roomoon

The Roomoon is a hand crafted hanging tent made of a stainless steel frame, a wood floor and canvas for cover. Depending on the color of canvas, the Roomoon may resemble a very large apple or orange hanging from a tree or a small moon (or Death Star, depending on your perspective) against a starry back drop. It also has a striking resemblance to Dre Wapenaar's Tree Tents (check out one of my older articles for information on other tree tents).

Hanging Out In RoomoonHanging Out In Roomoon

The canvas has several openings to accommodate the views you'll experience while glamping in the trees. Roomoon's floors are made of pine and designed to be as portable as possible, and they roll up for easy transportation. You can also get your Roomoon with a cushion, sheepskin rug or vamp. 

Inside RoomoonInside Roomoon

The Roomoon comes with a pulley system that allows you to hoist it into the trees with ease. The hoist system along with the stainless steel, weather proof frame, are able to lift and support about a ton, so there is no worry of crashing to the earth, unless you throw an over-capacity party in your tent. 

All of this sounds great, and it is a novel idea to experience camping in the trees, inside a wonderfully designed tent, but glamping ain't cheap. If you're in the market for a Roomoon, you're going to shell out around $5,700 for just the basic tent. If you want the rug, vamp or cushion, you'll pay extra. However, you'll be the talk of your campground, and you'll get to experience nature from a different perspective.

Source: The Hanging Tent Company