Hang Your Baby Wherever You Go?

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic baby merchandise website that features the absurd (see below for my article on scary mom hands) to the practical, and now I think that their latest find is something sure to be "hanging" around on the new mom market for quite some time.

Give your baby some hang out timeGive your baby some hang out time

Okay, enough with the shameless puns...and on to how you can learn to hang your child from a wall! Intrigued? So was I when I checked out the Babykeeper Basic, sold online at a myriad of locations. Designed for kiddos 6-18 months old, the Babykeeper works like a backpack, only instead of schoolbooks and sandwiches, you stuff your infant inside of it instead. You can carry them around, strap them into a grocery store cart, or as previously mentioned - suspend them from a wall.

Looks like a slingshot, but actually suspends a kid in midairLooks like a slingshot, but actually suspends a kid in midair

Why in the world would a mother want to do this? Have you ever tried to use the restroom yourself when you are responsible for the care of an infant? Especially at this age range, where grabbing, crawling, and licking the nasty public restroom countertops are among their favorite activity, go ahead and try it and let me know how it goes. That is exactly why I think the Babykeeper Basic is ingenius, albeit a little barbaric and creepy looking.

Made out of a nylon material that is easy to clean, you can fold this up and stow it in your diaper bag when you aren't using it, and then pull it out to keep your tiniest partner in crime safe and sound while you take care of business.

I don't have kids yet, but when I do, I must admit...this one just might go on my gift list. The Babykeeper Basic and its other marketed spawns can be purchased through Mommysentials.

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Dec 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

What happened to the

What happened to the stroller? I'm sorry but my reaction to this is the same as my reaction to the "Toddler pet leash"...you know, the harness and leash to keep hyperactive children from detracting from the parnent's ability to focus on more important things. The only thing missing are the retractable wheels and handle so you can wheel the carry-on baggag...er, baby...through the airport without working up a sweat!

Dec 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

sometimes a stroller doesn't

sometimes a stroller doesn't fit into the stall with you. definitely an interesting idea. i would have considered it when my active boys were younger.

Dec 17, 2007
by baby girl (not verified)

It look like a sort of a

It look like a sort of a swing. But when I think about putting my little brat in this thing I don't know..