Hang Some Green on Your Walls With the Indoor Living Wall Planter

Looking for a creative way to adorn your bare walls? The Living Wall Planter might be an idea worth considering.

a living walla living wall


inner workingsinner workings

The system works as such: A white cedar frame conceals a planting grid with top and bottom trays, which each hold 84 ounces. The plant is watered through the top reservoir and  it slowly trickles down through the roots  in the grid, with any remaining liquid collected in the bottom tray.  Hinged panels at the top and bottom allow for easy access.


standing strongstanding strong

This "dramatic" piece of décor was designed to house several species of greenery, ranging from succulents to ferns, although I don't know how I'd feel about a cactus hovering so closely overhead while I casually lounge on the sofa beneath. Nor would a wayward ivy poking me in the eye or wrapping around my neck make me very happy, either. However, I do feel they lend a certain feeling of  rustic earthiness, and a little bit of green never hurt anyone...

You tell me, dear reader: Yea or nay for your interior decor? I'd like to hear your opinion, if you've got one.

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Jan 25, 2008
by Anon (not verified)

A little less rustic...

A nicer finished box would probably expand the number of people willing to hang those in their living room...

Jul 13, 2008
by Anonymous

For sure - this is awsome

I want one.