Hanging Hooks From 3M Are A Little Too Happy To Help Out

Enough bizarre consumer goods have come out of Asia to give the entire continent a reputation for being, well, weird. These distinctive animal hanging hooks typify the genre... but even though they're made in Taiwan, the brand is 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.) from the good ol' US of A. They may not get the PTA's seal of approval but they're sure to get one from Pedobear.

With ongoing operations in 60 countries, it's not out of the question that 3M's right hand doesn't know what their left hand is doing - or what monkey business they may be up to.

In the case of these self-adhesive hooks, monkeys don't seem to be represented but green frogs, pink and blue cats, and yellow bears are. No birds or bees, for some unknown reason. All 4 are listed under 3M's Command™ Mounting Products brand (I kid you not). Checkout these ones, which hail from 3M Singapore:

It may seem unusual that more than one of 3M's international divisions saw nothing odd or, shall we say, evocative (or maybe even provocative) about the design of these hooks. It goes beyond North Americans and even Europeans seeing a thing that's not really there: it's there, baby, as big and bold as the nose on your face... or something like that.

But hey, I'm more than willing to give 3M the benefit of the doubt. I'm just not willing to install these overly endowed animal hooks anywhere kids (and their lawsuit-happy parents) might be. Of course, being somewhat of a home handyman, I can guarantee they'd be well hung. (via Texyt)

Jul 14, 2010
by Anonymous


I don't like pedobear