Drink (Or Possibly Guzzle) Away the Art

In Dresden, Germany, Hannes Broecker created an exhibition called "Drink Away the Art." Each container contained a deliciously mixed drink and viewers of the exhibition were invited to take a glass and drink from it.

This artwork is definitely a conversation starter, as it allowed the visitors to mingle and discuss the exhibit. People watched as throughout the night the containers slowly emptied.

Art takes many forms and evokes many senses in people and this one happened to explore taste sensation. The different colored liquids slowly being drained made for an interesting art display.

What can be better than going to an art exhibit and drinking from it? I know I would appreciate art more deeply once I had a few of these cocktails in me. Although I'd probably be slurring my words so much that no one would be able to understand my genius theories.

Via: coolhunter

Mar 24, 2008
by Samantha
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What a great idea! It'd be interesting to watch the range of reactions to the concept of drinking art.