Hanpresso Pump Pop Allows You To Maintain Your Espresso Addiction On The Road

The winter months are all about stopping in somewhere warm and cozy and picking up a steaming cup of joe. When spring comes around though, people are on the go. After months of being cooped up it's hard to stay put long enough to brew up a cup of happiness. Even worse, when summer hits you may as well kiss your caffeine cravings goodbye. Wouldn't it be great if your two great loves could merge?



The Handpresso Pump Pop is the answer to your java loving, wanderlust dreams. With its lightweight, compact design, the Handpresso Pump Pop makes it easy to have a spectacular cup of espresso anytime, anywhere. Take it on a hike, to work or on a camping trip and you can enjoy that life renewing jolt anywhere you want. The pump functions without the use of any electricity or batteries. It operates using a 16 bar manual pump, though you will have to have warm water with you.  



Made from sturdy aluminum, the press can be tossed in a backpack or the trunk of your car so that it’s ready to go the next time you need a coffee on the go. It also comes in three fun colors - pink, sky blue and apple green. All that’s necessary to prep the Handpresso is to pump it up (as you would a bike pump), fill the water reservoir with warm water and load the coffee compartment with a single serve espresso pod or pre-ground coffee. Then all that’s left to do is dispense your rich cup of espresso and kick back. You can currently find the Handpresso Pump Pop on Amazon.com.



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