New Innovation HapiTrack Measures Calories Wherever You Are

Ever had a personal trainer? Their constant nagging, their crazy routines, and more importantly, their insanely insane prices. Well, whilst HapiLabs' sole aim is not to put personal trainers out of business and force them to go home and tell their husbands/wives why this year's christmas tree won't be as big as the year before, the HapiTrack device certainly gives more power to the world's trainer-less population.

The HapiTrack is a small handheld device which can easily be carried whilst doing exercise. Boasting a plethora of functions, the HapiTrack records workout times, calories burned, and general activity patterns. In addition to this, and somewhat uniquely, HapiTrack uses the data collected to motivate you by sending messages which inspire you to strive for that next target and push yourself a little harder.

Be health concious wherever you areBe health concious wherever you are

In addition to the device itself, all of the data recorded, as well as targets set by HapiTrack, can be monitored via, yep you guessed it, your smartphone. Well there had to be a smartphone lingering somewhere right? The user can choose from a host of personalized fitness programs according to his/her fitness level and his/her target fitness level.

HapiLabs: a truly health-focused companyHapiLabs: a truly health-focused company

So whilst there are many present -day products which aim to help people on their journeys to healthier happier lives, there are not many which actively spur these journeymen and women on with messages of encouragement, support, and motivation. Add all of this to the practicality of the HapiTrack device and you could not be blamed for giving it a go.

Should you decide to check out and/or buy the HapiTrack here, be sure to let us know if it helps you change your eating and exercise habits for the better!

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