Happiness Ahead: FROM Software Opens Up A Dark Souls Themed Cafe

There's something awesome brewing in downtown Tokyo. Working with Australian-tehemed eatery OZ Cafe, FROM Software has put together a Dark Souls-themed eatery. First announced last December, the cafe officially opened last week, and will serve food and drink themed after the game until April.

Dark Souls is a sequel to the popular dark fantasy action-RPG Demon's Souls, which billed itself as one of the hardest games ever released. The premise of both Demon's Souls and the sequel was that video games today are far too easy, peppered with hand-holding and catering only to the lowest common denominator. They hearken back to a simpler time, when video games weren't afraid to kick their players directly in the teeth.

It worked - both Demon's Souls and its spiritual successor have been runaway successes, and a third game - Dark Souls II - is slated for release this March. The great things about these games is that they froce you to learn. They force you to adapt. Instead of guiding you through with a step-by-step process, they simply hurl you into the game-world and let you do as you will, even if that will end in complete disaster. 

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. I've attached a small gallery of the cafe below. As you can see, it does a rather fine job capturing the essence of Dark Souls.Shame I don't live in Tokyo - I'd love to swing by and give it a look.