Happy Face Camera Makes You Smile, Snaps Your Photo

Tired of asking your photographic subjects to “smile and say cheese”? Whip out your Chobi Cam Smile and you won't have to! At least, it beats carrying around a piece of cheese all day and whipping it out when you want to take someone's picture... and it smells better too.

The 48 x 48 x 16mm (1.9 x 1.9 x 0.6") Chobi Cam Smile weighs just 18g (0.6 oz), rather remarkable when you consider it's got a microSDHC card, an internal battery and various digital camera parts secreted inside. Not only is it light as a pinback button, it comes with a clip that allows it to be worn on one's shirt pocket once you remove your nerdy pocket protector.

If walking around like a post-flower-power retread doesn't do much for your social life, consider employing the flexible arm JTT Online Shop thoughtfully includes with each Chobi Cam Smile. The arm acts as a base for the camera; it also allows users to mount their Chobi Cam Smile on their car's inner windshield to record those lonely late night drives to nowhere.

Yes, record – once charged up, which takes about 120 minutes via the (also included) USB 2.0 connector cable, Chobi Cam Smile can record up to 60 minutes of video and 90 minutes of mono audio.

Back at home base, download data from Chobi Cam Smile provided you're running Windows XP, Vista, or 7, or Mac OS-X version 10.4 and later on your desktop PC or laptop computer.

Sounds good? Smile when you say that... and keep smiling as you fork over 3,980 yen (around $50) for your very own Chobi Cam Smile. (via Japan Trend Shop)

Update: The Smile Camera is now available here in the U.S. at Amazon

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