A Happy Pet Is A Comfy Pet: SnoozZzone Pet Comfort System For Pet Beds


Enchanted Home Pet, best known for its pet replicas of human furniture, has come up with a trio of products that can fit into any pet bed or pet pillow with an opening.  The SnoozZzone 3 Piece Comfort Care Set consists of three interchangeable pads - one for cooling, one for heating, and one to provide greater orthopedic support for your pet - can be interchanged with ease.


SnooZzZone 3-Piece Comfort Care Set for pet bedsSnooZzZone 3-Piece Comfort Care Set for pet beds


The first pad on the left in the above image keeps your pet warm by reflection, preserving his temperature by reflecting the warmth he generates. The gel core comfort layer, positioned in the middle of the image above, provides your pet with superior pressure distribution for a more comfortable and cooler sleep.  And on the right, a memory foam comfort layer conforms to your pet's body to provide ultimate support when snoozing.

This video shows how easy the SnoozZzone Comfort Pads fit into your existing pet bed or pillow....




Though the pads, each 8 x 12 inches and about one inch thick, are intended to be inserted into a pillow or bed just under the layer of material closest to your pet's skin, you can also use the pads under a blanket. They are sized for a small bed, so if you have a medium or large sleeping area for your pet, you might consider getting more than one set.  SnoozZzone Pet Comfort System is available at Amazon.com.


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