Happy Pills Candy Store: 'Cuz A Little Bit Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

You've heard the anti-sugar advocates refer to it as a drug , and there's no doubt that candy can fall under Happy PillsHappy Pillsthe addictive category if you are a sugar-lover. That's why one European business decided to take that notion and run - they've created a themed business that's sickly sweet.

The name of the business Is Happy Pills, and it is located in Barcelona. It features a more stark, minimalist design with white walls, floor and decor, making the environment feel sterile. Which is important, since it sets the stage to feel like a healthcare facility. 

Candy available for sale is stored in typical candy dispensers, but shoppers can choose from a variety of different containers to put their selections into, like first aid kits, medicine vials, and daily pill organizers. The candy available is also carefully selected to look like medicine, lips, teeth, and other things that you associate with the medical field.

Happy Pills VialsHappy Pills Vials

In a world of over-medicating, turning to sugar for a boost as a Happy Pills isn't the worst thing in the world, and that's got to be what this unique candy shop is banking on with their branding. While the idea of branding candy as medication is inarguably controversial, it was their logo and not the concept that caused some complications during Happy Pills' early stages. 

Candy StoreCandy Store

The Red Cross argued that the Happy Pills  logo was too similar to theirs. The cross Happy Pills uses is a different color, and a slightly different shape, and they came out victorious when confronted in court after making some minor modifications to further differentiate their branding. 

So, next time you're in Barcelona, remember that a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down - but you've just got to approach a new meaning for the old saying, because this is a business to remember.

Via: Design Milk