Hardware That Saves Space With Style: The Sink With Towel Bar


Half-baths, as in 2.5 baths, should really be classified as closets.  The size makes them a really tight squeeze, often requiring a "wide stance" so your knees don't rub the sink when you sit on the toilet! If you are looking for a sink and hardware that makes use of every inch of space, try looking at these great options.

The popularity of the pedestal sink in small bathrooms is obvious, The very narrow base of the sink leaves room for your knees.  It's also a rather elegant design and proves sufficient when one doesn't need to use the sink base as storage for toilet paper or cosmetic products.

Half-bathrooms also don't sport a lot of wall space for towel holders either, so a few pedestal sinks, like the American Standard Ravenna pedestal sink,  now come with their own towel racks that can be attached as part of the sink!

Here is an unattached circular towel rack designed just for the Ravenna pedestal sink, so if you already have the sink, or choose a pedestal sink without the bar, you can install the towel rack separately and affordably, at about $50.

If you would rather not use a pedestal sink but still like the idea of a sink integrated with a towel rack, the Ravenna also is available for as a semi pedestal for wall mounting. There are also other similar options.

If you prefer a different look altogether, the Whitehuas sink is another great option. It too has the sink (both a small or larger sink) together with a towel bar that can be installed with the sink to create a sleek and efficient use of space. 

For even tinier spaces, the Alfi rectangular sink with attachable towel bar may be a perfect option.

Having a tiny bathroom should never stop you from having an elegant and useful space.  A sink that takes up little visual space integrated with a pretty and useful towel bar may be the perfect answer to making a tiny bathroom work for you and your family.

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Feb 22, 2010
by Anonymous

Ravenna Towel Rack

How do you install the rubber plugs inside the sink holes. They keep coming back out, there must be a trick to do this.