Hark All Ants: Solar-Powered Backpack Converts Into Picnic Table

The cold hand of technology has permeated yet another frontier; that of natural environments and bucolic settings suitable for picnics. For the city dwellers among us (please stand up and be lost in a crowd), Madrid-based design and architectural studio, Atelier Teratoma, has created Technopicnic, a backpack complete with solar panels, speakers and social network connectability. For designers, Eugenio Fernandez and Victor Nouman, this backpack represents a true communion between humanity and the modern cosmopolitan environment.


Technopicnic Backpack: Source: Diego ENE for Atelier TeratomaTechnopicnic Backpack: Source: Diego ENE for Atelier Teratoma


In their own words: "Traditionally, the picnic is associated with the search for natural environments to share a meal. But what happens when we bring the idea to a context defined by hard pavements, congestion and new ways of communication?  What we  propose is a collection of prototypes that try to rethink the idea of making a picnic in the urban context."

What are some of Technopicnic's special features?

The Space Age and a renewed interest in astronaut design are the inspiration for this futuristic backpack that comes equipped with lighting designed for the intrepid exploration of the great outdoors, two silvery pillows, speakers, a solar panel that allows the basket to charge itself, a USB hub and a Bluetooth-connected screen to communicate with those near and far. (It can also serve to dissuade the ants that are prepared to invade your space, should you so desire.) The backpack becomes a trio of small foldout tables with cup holders and thermal pillows to sit on. The quintessence of the digital lifestyle, the Technopicnic morphs to accommodate a picnic within an asphalt urban landscape.


Technopicnic Tables: Source: Atelier TeratomaTechnopicnic Tables: Source: Atelier Teratoma


Atelier Teratoma

Founded in 2014 by Victor Nouman and Eugenio Fernandez, this Madrid-based studio is always in search of new and different fields of endeavor. Its many works represent two distinct platforms: the development of research for the analysis of contemporary needs and alternative formats and narratives for the purpose of creating prototypes and larger scale projects, many of which have been sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Sciences and Equality and the Universidad Europea. Their projects have also been displayed in The Guardian and web magazine, MOCO LOCO.


TechnoPicnic Parts: Source: Atelier TeratomaTechnoPicnic Parts: Source: Atelier Teratoma


The future of the Technopicnic backpack

Adapting to one's natural environment is nothing new; mankind has been reinventing himself to fit into his surroundings since the dawn of time. Methods of adaptation change due to the infinite and innovative possibilities made available via technological capabilities and advances. Are the Technopicnic backpack and urban picnics true escapes or merely pure carpet-ride fantasies? Perhaps, as they say about beauty, it's all in the eyes of the beholder.

Closing thoughts on picnics:

Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don't mind going through a little bush to get there! ~ Minnie Pearl

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