A Harley for those Rainy Days

Ask any rider and they will tell you there is not greater thrill than riding a motorcycle. But what about those rainy days when your little beauty is resting in the garage? This may be the solution.

Granted it isn't going to break the land speed record, or even the local parking lot speed limit for that matter. All in all, it's still an amazing piece of artwork.

The bike is handcrafted wicker and is thought to be a full scale replica of Harley-Davidson's new FLSTSB Cross Bones. Mini-ape hangers and springer fork make up the front while a single seat, side satchels and dual exhaust finish out the rear.

Other than that, not much information available as the originating site is in Russian. Who knows, maybe it can solve your rainy day motorcycle dilemma?

Via : WindingRoad , Snegopad