Harness the Sun's Power with Your Own Solar Car Kit

Most of the driving in the United States is non-highway thus, horrible gas mileage. The SUNN Solar Electric Car Kit was designed with the daily commuter in mind. By removing the petroleum engine from those short 10 minute trips to work and back, fuel use could be cut substantially, especially in urban areas.

The SUNN comes as a complete kit and can be assembled in about 2 weekends. The only thing not provided in the kit are the batteries and the solar panels. The reason behind this is shipping and customization. The batteries can usually be found locally, but are heavy and costly to ship. By going to buy them yourself, you will probably save at least a little money. As for the panels, some people prefer not to use them, so by using this method, they will not have to pay for something they will not use.

If you do choose to add the solar panels, a hood mounted panel will extend your range by about 3 miles on a sunny day. Larger ones on the roof will total up to about 14 miles per day extra. Without the panels, the SUNN is charged using a traditional household outlet. On a full charge, it has a top speed of 25mph and a range of roughly 20 miles.

What makes the SUNN Kit Car highly useful is being street legal. It has windshield wipers, disc brakes, seat belts and all necessary lights to be on the road. It can be used as a community car, or in campgrounds to get around. It can be registered a a custom vehicle in most states. Final price for the kit is $4,500.

Via : SUNNev.com