Harnessing Light in Your Hands

Most of the time we see that the latest advance in technology has something to do with an app, or a software, and they are usually designed to appeal to the broadest swath of society. However, every once in a while, it is refreshing to find an entrepreneur, or a designer who comes up with something for a very specific group. That's what Lumu Labs did. They came up with a light meter the plugs on to the iPhone for the avid photographer.

Light meters are traditionally the realm of professional photographers, who want to make sure that they control, not just the setting, but the light around them as well. Sophisticated light meters accomplish this task by analyzing exactly how much light falls on the model's pristine nose in a photo shoot. Photographers measure the level of direct and reflected light using this light meter and either adjusting the light around them or adjusting the aperture on the camera. Their talent is part scientific and part art. The photos that result from exact lighting and aperture combinations are magnificent. At the hand of a skilled photographer armed with a light meter, the resulting portraits are nothing less than a exquisite.

So what Lumu Labs has done, is created an attachment that plugs into the iPhone. The meter comes with its own app. Within the app environment on the iPhone, the user can control the lighting information accurately to what they need, and the aperture setting that is ideal for that condition. The Lumu light meter manages to deliver such accuracy that it is claimed to knock out light meters that are significantly pricier.

The guys at Lumu did prove one thing by getting this accessory right on the money. They have proven that the status quo is in flux in every field an inventor decides to disrupt and propel forward. The human mind, it seems, is only limited by what it believes it can achieve. The moment that belief is expanded, the inventions roll in. Today it's a light meter. What will tomorrow bring, I wonder?

Source: Lulu Labs