Has the Man Powered Ferris Wheel Crossed The Green Line?


I’m afraid there isn’t much information about this man powered Ferris Wheel somewhere in Southern India. Search after search the only information I found about this green innovation is this video. Still I’ve chosen to share this innovation with you because I find it dangerously fascinating and evident that contrary to popular belief the eco-conscious do like to have fun.

From the video it appears that this Ferris Wheel is powered my a group of about 5 men, and their body weight. One man jumps on to the Ferris Wheel from a platform as the wheel goes up. The man holds on to the wheel like a monkey and rotates down with the wheel until the top of the wheel is on the bottom again. The next man takes his place, while the men at the bottom climb up the ladder to the platform to take their turn.

When I first saw the following video I wasn’t sure whether to be afraid for the men powering the wheel or excited for them. I wondered how safe they were jumping on an off the Ferris Wheel and if it is as much fun for them as it is for the people on the ride. It’s hard to tell, but they jump on and off it as of it is second nature to them.

How long does the ride last? I imagine it is as long as the men can keep jumping on to the wheel and using their weight to bring it down. So, what do you think? Take a look at the video if you haven't already. Is this crossing the green line? Is it safety first and then zero emissions? Would you ride it? Would you operate it? Feel free to comment below.

Also, if you know any more information on this man powered Ferris Wheel feel free to send in pictures, videos, details etc.

Via Environmental Graffiti

Sep 29, 2008
by Anonymous

It's very common!

This man powered Ferris Wheel concept is very popular in India. There are men who carry "mini wheels" around neighbourhoods that give 3-4 small children rides at one time... it isn't something that has been thought of as an "eco-friendly" concept, but can definitely be seen as an example of the fact that we do not need to rely on technology to have fun (except for the fact that the ferris wheel is made with technology lol)... but anyway, it's a very popular thing seen in small town carnivals etc :)

Oct 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Man powered ferris wheels

NOW, I have seen it all! OMG this is the most ridiculous looking contraption since I was
a child and used to tell my friends I could give them the opportunity to "fly" when they
would hold onto a strong sapling tree that we had bent nearly to the ground and then
I 'd back away and they would try to hang on. Oh, good times, good times. O.K. not
for them. Lots of bruises and crying, but I was a good salesman. I would say " Alright,
next time, you'll hold on very, very tightly---right? " You would be amazed at how many
second time ' riders' I got!

Oct 5, 2008
by Anonymous

not a new invention

This is a larger version of the wheel you could see in Europe (I am thinking Romania) at the fairs at the change of century (the other change - 1900) and later, usualy that could carry 4 people.