The Haul-A-Day Bike Allows You To Carry Heavy And Precious Loads


Bikes are great for commuting in urban areas, but even with utility bikes that have more cargo space than most bikes, transporting things like groceries, supplies or kids is a hassle. Usually cars are better for this, unless you have a bike like the Haul-A-Day.

The Haul-A-Day is a strong, lightweight cargo bike designed for bicycle commuters who need to schlep a ton of stuff around. It is a size-adjustable (as in you can extend or retract its frame) bike that is handmade by Bike Friday in Oregon.

Carrying A Load On The Haul-A-DayCarrying A Load On The Haul-A-Day

Being adjustable allows the Haul-A-Day to accommodate riders between 4'6" to 6'4". It is very agile and at only 32 pounds, just about anyone can haul a load on it. And if you don't have a load to haul, you can retract the frame and ride it as a non-cargo bike. 

The Haul-A-Day is more suitable for smaller, lighter riders than other cargo bikes. It is rated for riders up to 220 pounds and can carry a load up to 200 pounds. Bike Friday also offers a frame upgrade capable of carrying riders up to 260 pounds and loads up to 300 pounds.

Kids On The Haul-A-DayKids On The Haul-A-Day

With the Haul-A-Day you can, of course, carry cargo, but also give the kids a ride. The young children can safely ride in the cargo area or you can get a car seat to fit the bike for the babies and toddlers. 

As I said, the Haul-A-Day is handmade and can be customized. You have the choice of 14 different color/equipment combinations and anywhere from 8 to 72 speeds. 

Bike Friday just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, and you can now get your own customized bike on Bike Friday's website. Also find more information on this incredible cargo bike on the Bike Friday site