Haulers For Help: Ten More Trucks Of The People Of Walmart

Everyone loves the trucks of Walmart (with the possible exception of Tracy Morgan) but these ten custom pick-em-ups could drive even the most cheerful greeter to tears.        

10) “It's Alive!”

It seems the most popular vehicles in America these days are minivans and pickup trucks. In fact, it's a wonder none of the major automakers thought of building franken-vehicles that embodied the best characteristics of both. Wait a sec... (checks photo)... wonder no more. 

9) Front Weird Drive

The license plate of this vehicle reads “SLAMMER”, though slamming into something has to be the owner's living, breathing, waking nightmare. The resulting carnage would destroy the fruits of hours of labor and the insurance claim would run into the tens of dollars. 

8) Whitewalls Give You Wings

Could this be some sort of gauche hearse? If so, funerals sure aren't as funereal as they used to be. Hopefully the procession will stay off the freeway, we hate to think of those wings wreaking havoc in a cross breeze.    

7) Toe Truck

“Once You Know, You Camel Tow” reads the slogan on the above tow truck's hood, and at least we can all agree on that. Leave those headlights on a while longer and this cunning linguist will need a tow (or toe, as the case may be) of their own.  

6) Oh My Gourd!

What did drivers do to protect themselves back in the good old days before airbags were invented? They filled their trucks with pumpkins, of course! They also tied onions to their belts, which was the style at the time. 

5) My Other Truck Is A Submarine

Bubba thought he was way too clever that one morning when he parked the truck all by its lonesome in the middle of an empty parking lot. Then it rained for a few hours, and Bubba suddenly didn't think he was so clever.

4) To The Big Ass Mistakemobile!

Looks like somebody's holding a grudge from November 2012 (and November 2008)... er, does the Army (not to mention the Secret Service) know about that rocket? Also, it appears this trucker just pulled into a handicapped space and we don't see a handicapped sticker on his vehicle (or his missile). No, we're not going to ask him about it, would you?         

3) Change We Can't Believe In

Most trucks have spare tires, this one has spare change... and the owner wants more! Hey, the rest of that Ford's hood isn't gonna decorate itself, know what I'm sayin'?  

2) Gluten Tolerant

Loafer or breadwinner... why not both! Hey, when they made this truck-drivin' toastmaster they must have broke the mold. Don't ask the driver what his plans are either, he's a bit crusty. Thanks folks, we'll be here all week, try the veal. 

1) Flamingo Road

We'll betcha the owner of this otherwise unremarkable Ford pickup picked up both the pink plastic lawn flamingo AND a whole lot of duct tape at Walmart, then put all three together right in the store parking lot. The downside is he'll have one less pink flamingo decorating his lawn but give it time... once the truck's up on blocks in the front yard everything'll be back to normal. 

Thanks and a tip of the cap as well to People of Walmart, the hard-working source of these all-too-real images you only WISH were 'shopped!