Haunted House Restaurant: Oklahoma’s Halloween Dining Experience

Halloween is coming up, and I bet I know what you're planning. If you're into the nightlife scene, you're likely to be dressing up as a scantily clad superhero, pirate, or football cheerleader (if you're a woman that is, and maybe even if you're not); or if you're looking for a low key Halloween night, you're probably waiting to fend off the trick-or-treaters with candy. Well, for a unique experience, here's a better idea by way of a unique business that will satisfy your appetite for fear and dinner!

Haunted House RestaurantHaunted House Restaurant

In Oklahoma, there's the Haunted House Restaurant. It has a moderately creepy decor to play up the haunted theme, but it's really the history that's designed to give you the heebie jeebies this Halloween. In the 1960's, the home that houses the haunted restaurant was the backdrop for 3 suspicious deaths that were never solved by the police...and you know what they say about the deceased with unsettled business! The menu at this restaurant is fairly typical; it's steakhouse with more refined fare, so you'd better hope that while you're in the Haunted House Restaurant, you don't lose your appetite, or your life!