Haute Couture Joins Wearable Tech: Designer Purse Can Charges Smart Phones

In keeping with the idea that fame is based on one constantly reinventing oneself to present an image or a brand that keeps up with the dynamic needs of a changing cosmos, Diane von Furstenburg has gotten onto the wearable tech bandwagon. She is steering it along the road to public acclaim and success with her up-and-coming launch of a high-tech purse that can automatically and cordlessly charge smart phones. No more lugging backup chargers wherever you go.


Diane von Furstenburg: Source: TechHiveDiane von Furstenburg: Source: TechHive


She told CNBC:" My role in fashion is really solution-driven. I'm always on the go, so (it's important) to have everything at the right time. Technology is the biggest revolution. It's such a big part of our lives. We do everything with technology. it's not even separate anymore. it just is."


Smart phone In Use: Source: IDigitalTimesSmart phone In Use: Source: IDigitalTimes


Not the first idea for a smart handbag

While Diane von Furstenburg's handbag is certain to be an original with her own unique stamp, she is not the first designer to conceive the idea of a "smart handbag." Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kate Spade would be partnering with startup, Everpurse, to create a new line of bags that can charge devices while the user is on the go via a charging matt that wirelessly transmits energy to the device.

In the words of Executive Vice president and Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Beech: "Kate Spade and Company is committed to digital innovation and designing for customers who live a life on the go." This new collection of handbags, clutches, wristlets, totes and backpacks will be sold by Kate Spade New York stores.


Kate Spade's Smart Handbag: Source: Kate SpadeKate Spade's Smart Handbag: Source: Kate Spade


Specs about the von Furstenburg smart handbag are  still under wraps. Details about the charger are unknown although it can be assumed there will be no cord of any kind required. There are no images (or even sketches) of her soon to be accessory at this time.

This up-and-coming handbag is not von Furstenburg's first purse to enter the wearable tech marketplace.She created a handbag integrated with solar panels as part of the Elle Portable Light Project, and back in September of 2012 at the New York Fashion Week Show, her models strutted across the runway wearing Google Glass.


Solar Paneled Bag: Source: EcouterreSolar Paneled Bag: Source: Ecouterre


The future of the smart handbag

Time will tell on the success of the smart handbag venture. Fashion is fickle and fads come and go. Wearable tech, however, appears to be here to stay.

Closing thoughts on smart phones:
What did people do when they went to the bathroom before smart phones? ~ Aaron Cobra Mervis



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