Have The Brightest Manicure Around: Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Looking for a fun way to brighten up your manicure? While a mixture of radioactive goo and polish might do the trick, it would be much easier to apply glow in the dark nail polish.

Glow in the Dark Nail PolishGlow in the Dark Nail Polish Women spend a lot of time primping and polishing their nails. It's a shame that when the lights go out, you can't see any of the hard work. However, a new product is going to solve that problem. Glow in the dark nail polish will brighten up your manicure and keep it looking fabulous even when it's pitch black. 

 Whoever came up with this idea was pretty smart. Why not have a color that looks good 24/7? The biggest downfall to glow in the dark nail polish is the uncertainty. Maybe it will work, and maybe the polish won't. You'll need to do a little research and read the reviews. For example, the glow in the dark nail polish from American Apparel is a hit. Some of the nail polishes rated by Amazon customers didn't do as well. Make sure you're spending your money on a polish that works.

My final tidbit for women who want to rock the glow, don't believe any of the example images. Most of them will be retouched so the polish looks like it glows more than it does. Your nail polish will probably still glow, just not like it's feeding off a nuclear reactor. The good news is you won't blind anyone. One of the more realistic glowing manicures.One of the more realistic glowing manicures. 

Give a glowing manicure a try. You'll have the brightest manicure around. I can almost guarantee it.

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