Have Fun Swerving Around Town With Swerver Skates

Swerving With Swerver SkatesSwerving With Swerver Skates

When you look at the Swerver Skates, you may ask, "Why the big wheels?" What advantage do they give the skater? It's not the size of the wheels that give the Swerver Skates their signature "swerving" riding style, but how those wheels are attached to the shoe of the skate.

The wheels are to the shoe part of the Swerver Skate via a sort-of hinge. This unique design allows the rider to swerve and turn without picking up their feet. Swerver Skates give skaters more freedom of movement than conventional skates. Skaters can swerve all over the sidewalks or really dig into tight turns. 

Swerver SkatesSwerver Skates

With increased freedom of movement comes easier movement. Swerver Skates give skaters more and easier maneuverability than regular skates, and the wide set wheels also allow for more stability. The patent-pending design of the Swerver Skates also allows the rider to get a better push off the ground, which could mean more speed. 

Swerver Skates, with all of their advantages, could be just the thing you need to enjoy the last days of summer. These skates, with their increased stability and maneuverability, are also great for inexperienced riders. Picking up a few pairs could mean a great and fun time with the family.

Swerver Skates are a product of Inventist Inc, and though they're quality skates and have the potential to be a lot of fun, they will run you about $395. If you're interested in getting a pair or finding out more information, you can visit the Inventist site