Have Environmental Floor Designers Gone to the Pits?

When you eat a peach and finally get to the pit do you ever wonder, “this pit would make a great floor”? Floor designer, Alla le Roux has.

Alla le Roux, created a business, Stone Fruit Floors, which makes and sales eco-friendly floors out of peach pits (a.k.a peach pips). A peach pit may not sound too comfortable to walk on right? Well, the good news is that the sharp edges are grounded off. Grounding off the sharp edges expose the red color of the pits as well as makes the floor comfortable to walk on barefoot. Whew!

If you have ever handle a pitch pit you know how sharp they can be and you also know how strong they are. So while the sharpness may be grounded off for comfort and look the pit strength remains and is even reinforced with hundreds of other peaches “packed by hand onto a glued surface and filled with silica sand and resin mixture then sealed with a twin-pack urethane.”

Alla le Roux was the finalist in the First National Bank Enablis Business Plan Competition, where he introduced the peach pit tile floor concept. In February 2007 the tile design and concept was registered and Stone Fruit Floors was born.

How the Peach pit floor came about? As a young boy, Le Roux was inspired by Klein Zoar’s (an historical figure who rescued a shipwrecked crew) home. Today the home is a show home for the peach pit floors as well as an art gallery. The floors are uniquely South African, natural and the design and there are about 13 color variations to choose from so the color of the floors can be customized.

So what’s next? Avocado pit floors? Mixed fruit pit floors? What do you think?

Via Luxist .