Have Money to Burn? Pay $140,000 for a Hot Wheels Car

Hot Wheels® cars are an essential part of childhood. I had them as a child. My husband had them as a child. And now my kids now have them. They run a couple of bucks for one.

However, this is not your ordinary Hot Wheels®. To commemorate the production of the 4 billionth Hot Wheels® vehicle, Mattel created the 18-karat white gold-jeweled car valued at $140,000. It is encrusted with 2,700 diamonds weighing nearly 23 carats in total weight. The majority of the vehicle detailed with micro pave-set brilliant blue diamonds, mimicking the Hot Wheels® Spectraflame blue paint. Under the functional hood, the engine showcases additional micro pave-set white and black diamonds. The Hot Wheels® flame logo found on the underbelly of the car is lined with white and black diamonds. Red rubies are set as the tail lights, while black diamonds and red enamel create the "red line" tires. The custom-made case that houses the jewel-encrusted vehicle also holds 40 individual white diamonds, signifying each year in the legacy of Hot Wheels.

For those of you that are interested in owning this piece of history, this unique Hot Wheels® vehicle will be auctioned off to benefit the charity Big Brothers Big Sisters in late 2008.

To find out more, check out hotwheels.com.

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